Plan Your Next Event!

Planning your next event:

1) Request a room on campus for your event

(only approved room schedulers can log into the marvin site and the major event space site to reserve rooms at these locations – to become a certified room reserver click here and set yourself up an account: Click here)

2) Request UPD services:  Click Here

GWU Security request form instructions (PDF)

3) Fill out and submit CADE paperwork: Click Here

CADE-Paperwork-instructions (PDF)
CADE paperwork (Corresponding visual PDF)

4) Post your event on the MBAA calendar

5) Advertise!


Countdown to your Event!

Deadlines that you have to hit in advance to get ready:

21 days: Submit your request to the dining board for catering financial support

14 days: Apply for co-sponsorships

12 days: Submit your event to the university calendar

9 days: Submit your CADE paperwork for events where alcohol will be present

7 days: Get your event advertised in the Hatchet for free!