Second Year GMBA’s to Develop yAPPer, a Location Based Social App

Hey everyone,

There is an exciting new mobile application in development by some GW GMBA students we think you should be aware of.

Second year GMBA’s Justin Lichtenstaedter, Dane Hinnen, and Robert Wyant are currently building yAPPer, a location-based chat app that allows users to communicate with others nearby about whatever they want.  Think 30 minute message boards, searchable by topic, centered specifically on the active interests of other yAPPers and limited to users within 750 yards of you.

yAPPer is intended to answer the age old question, “Who is right here, right now, and what are they doing?”  With yAPPer, you can see and join running chats that are physically going on around you, whether you are at the Nationals game, the campus toga party, or the MBAA BBQ happening this weekend.  Oh and for all you privacy-heads, the chats end and delete themselves after 30 minutes so nothing gets stale.

Pretty neat, huh?  Find the guys on twitter @YAPPERapp and give them some encouragement.  Or perhaps you want to invest.  I’m sure they are interested in money too.